Archival Photo of Bears (Barry Neil Kaufman), CEO/Co-Founder of the
Option Institute and Author of Happiness Is A Choice and
Samahria Lyte Kaufman, Co-Founder/Co-Creator with their favorite salad bowl
“Here it is – empty. Imagine just starting with an empty wooden bowl. We feed ourselves daily (at least most of us do). We fill our bowls with nourishing foods and/or comfort foods and pleasant poisons, sometimes off-balancing the combination which results in toxicity (which could fuel obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a whole host of exciting physical eventualities). Someone crafted this bowl with artistry and care. Someone tooled the edges to be smooth and curved and accommodating. Samahria and I like this bowl. Actually, today we love this bowl. We can fill it with whatever we want…and we do fill it with whatever we want (we – you, me, everyone). Hum – what shall we put in our bowl today? Create something tasty to support our life or help terminate it? Oh, I know, you’re laughing! Oh, you’re not laughing? This is all about choices. Now if we extend the metaphor, WE ACTUALLY FEED OURSELVES BELIEFS daily as well. Some will be nourishing. Some will be toxic. Some beliefs will bring us joy. Some beliefs will be shortcuts to misery. So…imagine every day when you make your food-stuff salad and your belief-stuff salad, you can ask yourself – am I nourishing myself today or destroying myself today? CHOICES. CHOICES. CHOICES. Oh, what sweet freedom!
“What are you putting in your bowl with today?”
Love & Smiles, Bears (Barry Neil Kaufman)