“We can act and respectfully move the world in the direction we would like or we can stand aside and watch the world move in accordance to the standards of others. We can sleep through situations or sit up and watch or stand and be counted — in just about every area of our lives.
“A most compelling personal question to ask: ‘Do I want what I want enough to get off my butt and take action?’ There is nothing inappropriate about not taking action (it is one choice among many)…but, taking no action is an action.
“LIFESTYLE POSITIONING: We can sleep (see and hear nothing), sit up and watch (be a witness) or stand and be counted (and leave our imprint on the world in which we live).”
Love and smiles, Bears Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman
Option Institute Co-Founders and Author (Bears) of Happiness Is A Choice