“Purpose: Deepen love and gratitude!
Weight: Heavy backpack (smiles)
Height: Where the air is thin and luscious.
Depth: As much inside as the landscape outside.
Width: So, so expansive — no limitation
“One step at a time. Over that hill, across that valley, up along the top of the ridge. One step. Another step. Then another step. We hiked this landscape in our twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and, now in our seventies. We hiked it together (sometimes with sweet friends). Now we hike with all of you who read these words and who have learned to dream through the courses and workshops we shared and, as best you can, who have decided take steps to live those dreams. Keep inspiring yourself. Keep choosing to learn, change, and grow. Keep believing in what you want and taking whatever steps you can toward what you want. Keep your purpose alive with love, kindness, and vigor. There’s another hill to hike, another valley to cross, another ridge to climb. Welcome to life!”
Love and smiles, “Bears” Barry Neil Kaufman, Co-Founder of the Option Institute and Author of Happiness Is A Choice