POPOVERS, ME AND MY HONEY (She’s the “babe” with the guy with the popovers.)

We drove just to have popovers in the seaside New England town of Portsmouth, NH, another favorite historical town with a lazy, sweet, summertime heartbeat which also appears to have more coffee houses per square foot than most cultural centers, and, of course, the best popovers on the planet. (Yes, yes, I know – that’s my make-believe, but it sure lights up my taste buds!)

Am I more grateful now than this morning, or even last year, or twenty years ago?

You bet.

Am I more passionate about our mission than yesterday or thirty years ago?

Without a doubt!

Am I more excited than ever to eat that popover in this town we’ve been coming to for years, always with the intention of eating yet another popover?

Of course!

How come we are so pumped about being alive? It’s attitude and action – working diligently on ourselves since we first held hands and ultimately deciding not to settle for what might be an okay life or even a good one (although that would certainly be wonderful). We inspired ourselves to always go for the gold, for the best version of what we were doing. We decided to go for great – and, even when we missed the mark, we kept going, our eyes on the top bar we set, our actions designed to do love and life as big as we could, no matter how ineptly or imperfectly that might be.

-“Bears” Barry Neil Kaufman, Co-Founder of the Option Institute®