Maybe no one dared to say it to you so clearly, but haven’t you had folks in your life treat you as if you don’t matter? As if your opinions and wants aren’t meaningful (at least, to that other person, who also acts as if the world agrees with his viewpoint)?

Now the essential question: Are you a ZERO enabler?

Yes, yes, just like the person who buys a bottle of gin for the alcoholic. And the only reason you would adopt that role is because somewhere, deep inside, you’d believe it about yourself as well – as if you are, indeed, zero.

Well, well, well! New perspectives (here we go!):

  • ZERO’s and ones (1’s) are the key numbers for all the latest and greatest information technology platforms that keep us informed, entertained, socially aware, and inter-personally connected.

  • ZERO numerically looks like this: 0 – an oval (could be a circle) without a beginning or end, something like infinity but more like eternity.

  • ZERO plus ZERO equals ZERO, which could be the equation representing the distance between me and God and you and God.

  • ZERO can be an expression of not needing anything in order to be happy and loving. Ah, you’re calling me ZERO numeric: I am deciding that means I am part of that amazing platform that keeps us connected. I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, the all in one, the uninterrupted circle that has no end.

  • ZERO distance: I am so close to God – hard or impossible to see where God begins and I end, or the reverse.

  • ZERO needing: Oh, then I am just a person wanting, complete in being me (which means not needy) and really, really grateful (as well as delighted to have more, though it’s not a requirement in order for me to choose to be happy or loving).

  • ZERO. O. 0. OH! ZERO. Since it’s all about what we believe, we can use any words spoken by anyone to strengthen ourselves (or diminish ourselves). It’s all about perspective and the lens we choose to use as we view the world.

Cheers! ZERO UP!