August 17, 2015


Endorsements for Bears Kaufman

“If there were a Nobel Prize for love, I’d want the Kaufmans to be the first to receive one.”
Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author, Change Your Thoughts — Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao

“Inspiring, groundbreaking and visionary. Barry Neil Kaufman’s work is the science of love, compassion and insight which will transform the world.”
Deepak Chopra, M.D. Author, Quantum Healing

“The search for peace in the world must start within the human heart and within our own families. Barry Neil Kaufman understands that. By personal example and through his writing and counseling, he gives a compelling vision for the building of inner and outer peace.”
President Jimmy Carter, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

“Barry Neil Kaufman champions making the choice to believe in ourselves, to be hopeful and seize the power of loving ourselves and others.”
Lou Holtz, Head Football Coach, University of Notre Dame

“I have long admired the work of Barry Neil Kaufman. He reveals the options and choices we can all make to find the road to happiness. Simple and effective for all.”
Bernie Siegel, M.D. Author, Love, Medicine, and Miracles

“Barry Neil Kaufman’s work affirms the unlimited potential of the human spirit and offers hope to those who have been challenged by adversity.”
Coretta Scott King,, Founder, The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change

“His work is wise and liberating.”
Harold S. Kushner, Author, When Bad Things Happen to Good People

“Love that comprehends and respects an inner sanctum of being without violating its uniqueness has always produced miracles – human miracles. The Kaufmans’ work reminds us once again of our under-used power to celebrate and ennoble life.”
Norman Cousins, Author, Anatomy Of An Illness

“I have been a psychiatrist for thirty years. Never before has any process taught me so much about how to be with others. Barry Neil Kaufman’s work in The Option Process® is clear, precise and packs a punch. At the center of this process are the principles of being present, being loving, accepting others and being nondirective. To have been given these tools and principles is a great gift indeed. I am grateful.”
Ted McCarthy, M.D., Chief of Psychiatry, Mercy Hospital, Maine

“An amazing adventure towards self-empowerment. I salute the work of this healer whose inspiring message of hope and optimism dares us to achieve the seemingly impossible.”
Paul Winter, Composer/Musician, Environmentalist and Director of The Paul Winter Consort

Happiness Is A Choice really delivers! A not-to-be-missed resource and guide for anyone who wants a happier life.”
Ken Dychtwald, Ph. D., Author of Bodymind

“Mr. Kaufman’s moving and eloquent account of his son’s recovery vividly illustrates the power of parental love expressed through imagination, understanding and perseverance . . . a remarkable adventure story.”

“The kind of love everyone secretly wants but is afraid to ask for.”
Los Angeles Times

“The Kaufmans’ dedication is extraordinary.”
Joanne Woodward, Actor/Director

“A fantastic and deeply moving book. The Kaufmans‘ capacity for loving gives me hope in a heartbreaking time when so many people seem to have turned their backs on children.”
Eda J. LeShan, Columnist/Author/Child Psychotherapist

“Kaufman’s story of accomplishing the impossible is engrossing and moving. This valuable book, Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues, is not only fascinating on its own, but a source of encouragement to others.”
Publishers Weekly

“For over ten years, I have been in the business of helping diverse people work together to solve complex issues. I found one of the most powerful techniques to use in erasing barriers between people: Barry Neil Kaufman’s PowerDialogues. At a time of crisis in my own life, I learned The Option Process® Dialogue. Not only did it help me to transform myself, but I also now teach it in my own work. As a result, the groups that I work with are more productive, more successful than ever before, and serve as role models within their organizations! This process has been critical to their success!”
Michael Rubell, President and Senior Consultant, TeamWorks International, New Jersey

“God’s grace abounds in the Kaufmans’ work with families and children!”
The Reverend Elizabeth S. Gombach, M. Div. Minister, United Methodist Church

“The Kaufmans‘ work is love in action.”
John S. Weltner, Child Psychiatrist, Co-President, Society for Family Therapy and Research

“Heartwarming . . . makes an eloquent statement for human understanding and compassion.”
Chicago Sun-Times

Client Testimonials for Bears Kaufman

“Bears is quite simply the most powerful, effective and enjoyable teacher I’ve ever had. His love and playfulness, coupled with his deep caring and wanting the best for each participant, help create an atmosphere of safety and trust.”
Phil Lomas, Psychiatrist, Wisconsin

“Bears is a great student of human beings. He is like an artist and scientist interweaving stimulus and response into a beautiful dance of uncovering beliefs. My interactions with Bears were especially helpful for the goal I came with – to love more in my relationships. I feel very satisfied, challenged, and inspired!”
Brian McSweeney, Teacher, California

“I love, love, love Bears’ teaching style. It is so refreshing and like nothing I have ever experienced. I feel like he has fed something within me that I didn’t know existed that has been slowly stirring away unnoticed. Thank you!”
Angela Bambach, Mother & Learner, Australia

“The most inspirational, passionate, caring and wonderful person I have known. Very optimistic and uplifting – a motivator to me that my goals are achievable no matter how big or small. Thank you for being a ‘force of nature’ for all parents and families going through this journey.”
Elizabeth Grant, Son-Rise Mom, Virginia

There are no words that explain how much I learned from him. He is a charismatic man with a wonderful way in speaking and lecturing. When Bears enters the room, I don’t feel that there is a lecture but I feel that there is lots of wisdom and information I’ll learn. Thanks a lot Bears, you are the best.
Zeinah Jajeh, Student, Lebanon

“Absolutely, the most provocative and inspiring teacher I have ever had the opportunity to know. He is so generous and loving in his teaching method. I learn something for myself every time I am in his presence.”
Elaine Piedra, Retired DDS, Illinois

“I trusted him with all of my being while we were exploring, and he was right there with me every step of the way. With gentle questions I created my own power. He is a master teacher and humanitarian.”
Sylvia Castleman, Musician, Washington

“Bears is deeply intuitive, fatherly, genuine concern for anything regarding whomever. The most loving eyes ever! He is a great teacher/lecturer/motivational speaker.”
Mina Okoloko, Lawyer, Nigeria

“Absolutely my best learning experience ever! I felt Bears’ love and acceptance as a space in which I could expand my understanding of myself without limits. My deepest gratitude and love for having created this possibility.”
Ernesto Chuecos, Musician/Coach, Czech Republic

“Take the most loving, accepting, RADICALLY authentic teacher/coach/exploration leader that can be imagined and then multiply by 1,000 and you have BEARS! Thank you, Bears, for giving the heart a language and a voice that can be learned by anyone willing to step out and speak ‘LOVE’ and a way to use what’s learned in life, relationships and the world.”
Jan-Marie Gundacker, Family Counselor, Connecticut

“Bears is a true master. His teachings are brilliant. He reinforced what I knew inside but did it with humor and love and non-judgment and grace, which allowed me to heal this week and feel completely at peace with myself. He has helped change my life forever. I love him!”
Suparna Bhasin, Coach/Consultant, New York

“It’s such a thrill to experience a class with Bears! His playful and sometimes challenging insights really turned the world around for me this week. He always radiates such a love for us – it inspires you to reach deeper within.”
Selina Spowart, Son-Rise Mother, Australia

“What I get from Bears is a personification of love in action – love for life, for growth, for challenge and love of service. Bears is a model of contribution – of making everything and everyone into a gift and being a gift to everyone.”
Nico Panigutti, Production Manager, California

“An amazing teacher that provides so many opportunities for the participants to see themselves as they are and then move themselves, if they choose, to places within themselves that they didn’t know where there. I felt Bears really appreciated me and loved me for me!”
Mary Church, Business Owner/Manager, Indiana

“A great person, an awesome mentor and teacher, the father of my new life. A life full of love, free of fears and judgments. It’s unbelievable how Bears can teach us to ‘read’ ourselves with very little things and how deep he can go inside us to show us the way. Definitely the most amazing person I’ve ever met.”
Marcelo Cataldo, IT Manager, Paraguay

“Superb! There aren’t enough words to describe the clarity, wit, love and compassion, and the unending giving that come from this man, this teacher. Bears breaks all the conventions and lovingly embraces all. He supported us in creating a warm, loving, accepting community and in letting go of unhelpful ways of viewing ourselves and our world.”
Linda Neiman, Yoga Teacher/Bookkeeper, Israel

“Absolutely THE MASTER – extremely challenging while totally being LOVING with biggest of hearts. I really feel his complete joy and devotion to sharing and teaching The Option Process® to others.”
Jeannie Reid, Son-Rise Program Mom, Ohio

“Bears is one of a kind; fully committed in every second of every session and he brings his best game every time. He really knows what he believes and is able to share it effectively with love, such that you find you can go places you’ve never gone before and you won’t regret it.”
Wally Gallup, Attorney, Hawaii

“Very dynamic and challenging – Bears is an absolute inspiration. I felt safe to challenge myself in his classes. I love how present he is with us all and find his style of teaching to be terrifically insightful.”
Ami Dalal, Architect, India

“Thank you Bears. You are the most aware and most loving teacher ever! As always, you challenged me, cajoled me, encouraged me, loved me and walked with me as I went deeply within myself to find truths and solutions that I used to make my life into a new, comfort-laden, joy-filled experience.”
Brian Ellis, Special Projects Coordinator, Connecticut

“Once again a master at your craft, rock solid, unmoving. As I said before, in the Zen Tradition, someone of your abilities is considered a keen-eyed lion. You are an inspiration. Thank you Bears!”
Shayu Talbot, Community Service Worker and Counselor, Canada

“I have heard from soooo many people that seeing the NBC movie Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love had a profound impact on them – something that moved them deeply, that they never forgot. For me it was reading To Love Is To Be Happy With – I read it in the late 70’s – before there was an Option Institute – and I never forgot the power of it, the incredible sense it made to me, the answer to so many questions, the questions that helped me find my own answers… It took me over 20 years to come upon Happiness Is A Choice – (which I read hungrily, often exclaiming aloud “Yes! Yes!”) and that wonderful little note at the end pointing me to The Option Institute and my first workshop, Empower Yourself -which changed my life in 5 days! [Arthur, my husband, thanks you too ;-)] and then the summer Living The Dream program (s) and ultimately becoming a Certified Option Process® Mentor 11 years ago and moving to the Berkshires for the blessing of working closely with the Institute and the wonderful and courageous people there, and you Bears! The future was beckoning way back there in the 70’s when I first read To Love Is To Be Happy With… the cause was in the future and I am so grateful! Thank you for all you’ve done, for your persistence and persistent love – for being a force of nature, for illuminating the path for me and thousands of others.”
Love and many blessings, Lauren Astor
Lauren Astor, New York, Certified Option Process® Mentor

“Wonderful. His teaching method and knowledge leave me enthralled and wanting more. Wise and hilarious. Peace and closure. Tears and laughter all the way with Bears. I trust bears, I tell him all my issues and I heal myself by just being at The Option Institute®. Thank you!”
Linda McGinn, Counselor, Scotland

Client Testimonials for Samahria Lyte Kaufman

“Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are an amazing teacher and wonderful mentor- I am truly blessed to have had the honor to meet you and learn from you! I give you an A+! You are the kind of teacher that one remembers for the rest of their life. Your teaching style is absolutely mesmerizing.”
Kathy Hayward, Publisher/ Realtor, California

“The most amazing role model! I so admire her qualities and her love she pours out to everyone. She is so articulate and has such an amazing CLARITY in what she wants to portray.”
Denise Skinner, Nurse, Washington

“You are such an amazing role model in every area of my life. Thank you for your love, your wisdom, and your openness, which inspire me to change and grow. I love your teaching style, your sincerity, and I love your LAUGH! You are one sexy woman!”
Alexe Oakley, Son-Rise Mom, France

“Samahria is the embodiment of love and joy. I learn so much just by the way she models happiness as her priority.”
Madeleine Woolgar, Events Coordinator, United Kingdom

“Samahria Kaufman is a perceptive, wise, patient and inspiring woman, a bright light whose presence is tremendously healing and comforting to every person she touches. Her passionate love for her autistic son, moved her to create and tirelessly continue the innovative process that has healed so many children and their parents for decades. Offering the same deep acceptance she utilized in dealing with autistic children in teaching adults, she changed my life forever. By modeling acceptance, she taught me how to love myself and others.”
Jane Wyker, Family Counselor, New York

“The warmth of a mother and the wisdom of a sage.”
Lejla Somun-Krupalija, Manager /Lecturer, Bosnia

“I absolutely adore Samahria. Her charisma and genuine love of life is such a huge inspiration to me. Thank you for wanting to help and inspire others. Thank you for showing me the tools so I can inspire change in not only myself but also in others.”
Ruth Thomas, Administrative Associate, NY

“To have this fabulous, feisty little lady who founded this whole earth-shattering program come bursting into our living room on Tuesday morning had an astonishing, uplifting impact on our week. Her warmth, her wisdom, her wit and humor, her insight, her common sense, and that unforgettable laugh! She filled the room with enriching energy, practical advice, and sheer fun.”
Jack Burnicle, Son-Rise Program Dad, United Kingdom

“You are an exceptional woman! What a shining example of strength and love and humanness. I look forward to connecting deeper with you.”
Shayu Talbot, Community Service Worker and Counselor, Canada

“Such a model of love, kindness, laughter, joy, connection, incredible caring – she sweeps you forward with a soft but powerful strength – she adds so much at just the right time, exuberantly and so appropriately. What a spirit! What a contribution!”
Keith Garrick, Financial Planner, California

“Samahria is my second mother, with the wisdom of 10 women. She is fun, spunky, funky, and yet extremely professional and always seems to hit the nail on the head—Always!”
Mina Okoloko, Lawyer, Nigeria

“A beacon of love and hope. Samahria is love. I find her teaching joyful, and her laughter (as always) deeply infectious.”
Fiona Mclagan-Chooi, Homemaker, Canada

“Samahria, through her passion and love for teaching The Son-Rise Program®, has enabled me to reach my son Blake at a level of complete love, acceptance, language and communication. Her wisdom, humor and dedication has helped my son Blake, 12, be able to talk, laugh, sing and see the world as an exciting and caring world something that he now takes part in. Samahria is a true beacon of what love is about and it shows in every breath of her being. Blake will now attend public school thanks to her love and dedication.”
Leanne Dole, Homemaker, Australia

“Samahria is a JOY! She transmits love, fun and excitement. Her story is my story and I can relate to her when she speaks. She shares valuable insight as a wife and as a mother.”
Dora Ustariz, Occupational Therapist, Texas

“A delicate force of nature.”
Martin Funck, Volunteer, Sweden

“Samahria Lyte Kaufman can light up an entire room with her smile alone. Now add her personality and her love of people and you may very well have the sun filling the room. Samahria is an incredible communicator in that she is able to help children and families and individuals see what they do not see in themselves. She is a guide to those of us seeking love and compassion. She has been instrumental in helping our family find our own answers. My husband and I have been able to see through our difficulties with her incredible ability as a facilitator and mentor. Her laughter and sense of humor are a guidepost for me to see what is really possible, that in fact I can live a life full of happiness and joy.”
Kathleen Corelli Byrne, Mental Health Aid, Connecticut

“The joy and exuberant happiness that radiates from this woman is the BEST advertisement for The Option Institute® and all it teaches. To live life as Samahria does- what a gift!! Her classes are positive and uplifting for me.”
Wendy Edwards, Pediatrician, Canada

“I used to always call Samahria liquid sunshine. She’s also liquid gold. And now I’d like to add CHAMPAGNE. Bubbly, effervescent, always playful, she literally lights up, and lightens the room as we enlighten ourselves. What an invitation to dance, laugh, live and love she offers.”
Valerie Gilbert, Actress/Writer, New York

“A five foot tall fountain of inspiration and energy. Her desire to be useful to others is palpable, her exuberance and good humor is infectious, her insights and offerings are food for my hopeful spirit. Spending few hours in a room with her was a wonderful and helpful experience.”
Patricia McCormack, Guidance Counselor, Ireland

“An amazing woman, her presence makes everyone light up. She is the living embodiment of the love first, act second philosophy of the Option Institute. She always presented thought provoking questions that allowed beliefs to be changed. A beautiful human being.”
Simon Stravitz, Student, California

“She is an angel in human form. Her ability to be non-judgmental is unparalleled in my experience. I feel very safe and loved in her presence.”
Mary Church, Business Owner/Mother, Indiana

“Loved her “Mother Earth” approach to helping me learn. She knew how to ask questions that would stimulate my thoughts. I felt free to open up to share some very personal things about myself. She inspired me to climb the mountain peak of myself.”
Elaine Piedra, Retired, IL

“A strong, loving and inspirational teacher. Her joy in life and the fun she brings to her teaching give me such vision of my own potential.”
Tissie Roberts, Environmental Writer And Consultant, England

“Her love just poured out from the moment she walked in the room. She helped me to go deeper inside myself in a very spiritual way. Gentle, funny, and an amazing mom. She is an incredible model of loving and letting go.”
Heather Behrendt, Homemaker, Connecticut