July 12, 2022

Update from Bears in His Own Words

My Current Medical Reality, Including Surprises:

Current photo of Bears and Samahria taken this past Sunday, July 10th, 2022

  • “Lesions in the liver continue to get smaller and continue to heal (with no signs of cancer in the liver), although part of my original diagnoses was liver metastases.

  • “The new scans from last week were compared with scans about 7 weeks ago… since I have not had any treatment, the expectations with pervasive metastatic cancer would be for all my lesions/tumors to have grown. Instead, all lesions have either stayed the same size while some have gotten smaller.
  • “Also, my getting stronger physically (exercising, special diet, etc.) and continually experiencing super-sharp mental acuity, seemed at odds with my “condition.” No explanation for my doing so well when all medical expectations were the opposite. In fact, I had defied the original prognosis and the medical guidance at the end of April, that I realistically I had 5 days to 5 weeks to live. For me, attitude (Option Process/Son-Rise Program perspectives), purpose (creating beliefs that nourish and nurture – and set direction), to love, to feel and express gratitude… and receiving all those wonderful prayers worldwide coming (gifts from all of you) – are the essential component that have helped guide this unusual adventure.
  • “Each and everyone involved in your case finds it perplexing,” said our core physician at Mass General Hospital in Boston.  Remember, weeks previously that group of experts reviewing my situation essentially called this “the strangest case they have seen.”  However, my core physician said: “tell your students and people who are praying for you to keep those prayers coming.”
  • “All the lesions have caused “holes” in my bones throughout my body, including my spine – so being super careful right now is of prime importance… with my exercising and walking laps. Can these holes heal?  Answer, for the moment, seemed to be “yes – sort of”.
  • “All the doctors still believe I have advanced metastatic cancer… they just say they can’t find it (after taking biopsies three times).  They use words about the scans like “suggests” or “concern for” or “suspicious of” this type or that type of cancer. The most frequently mentioned cancer is metastatic multiple myeloma.

“Now let’s jump into this past Friday:”

  1. “My case was then referred to hematology oncology department… to a specialist among a group of specialists in multiple myeloma.
  2. “That specialist said what others said… all the lesions/tumors should have grown (they did not…some got smaller), you should be feeling much worse (maybe not even alive)…. we taught him SBR (yes, we did – to explain our delight and playfulness with him.  He was fascinated and could not believe the “guy” – me – on zoom with him was the same guy on the scans)…. and then he said, to our next surprise, “I don’t believe you have multiple myeloma.”  Further, he didn’t have any answer as to what those scans really meant given the “me” in front of him. He now wanted to re-consult with others.  He also wrote down the title of a book… ”Happiness Is A Choice.”  He was young, thoughtful, intelligent and curious and seemed “stumped” for now. 
  3. “I told him I was okay to die the next day after our consultation.  He looked surprised.  I said that doesn’t mean I want to die on Saturday but simply I was choosing not to resist while still building myself with the purpose to live. Resistance is dissonance.  Eventually, I think he liked that… and wanted to know more about SBR vs. SR. Samahria and I, formally or informally, also shared about stimulus-belief-response (choice, freedom and happiness) verses stimulus-response (experiencing ourselves as if we are victims).

“Now let’s jump into some of the core Option Institute/Son-Rise Program Principles that we have taught for 50 years and have applied now.

  • “From the Fearless Program – “Run toward your fears and/or every new challenge.”  And keep your eyes wide open.
  • “From Calm Amid Chaos – “Change is continuous” – so be in the moment and don’t hold on to the log in the river…swim with the current and not against it.  Also, from Calm Amid Chaos, “The cause is in the future.”  I know many of you adore this concept and it has helped you improve the quality of your lives.  In our lives (and in the course), we get plenty of opportunities to understand and apply this life-changing concept.
  • “From Power Dialogues Course (and book) – open our arms wide, practice acceptance with whatever the issue…and yes, keep asking Option Process questions to uncover and change our beliefs.
  • “From the Son-Rise Program Start-Up (and Maximum Impact and New Frontiers Programs) – we don’t need to protect ourselves from what we don’t understand.  Keep those arms open, practice acceptance and jump in – so we can understand and learn more – about ourselves, our children and the challenges and opportunities we face.

“I Am Still Alive. I Am Here Right Now.”

Bears & Samahria with 2 of their sons (Raun and Ravi) who assisted them in the many times they needed to go to Mass General Hospital in Boston

“I could go on and on with reference points. But please know, sincerely, we are challenging everything we face in these few months… not because we want to be adversarial but because we decided to strive for a different outcome than what we were told and had been predicted. Hmm, I am smiling… remember all the doctors who said our son had a below 30 I.Q. and would never be able to talk. We decided to explore the possibility of a very different outcome based on very, very different beliefs. Ultimately, not only did he talk, demonstrate a near genius I.Q, graduate from a major Ivy League University… but became an author, teacher, and lecturer. And he is just one of so many children and adults, who, when approached with acceptance and deep love, have changed and flourished as students and participants in our courses.  That is why we have created all these courses that you could attend if you so desire.

“I am still alive. I am here right now. Remember, many medical folks thought I would be gone by now… and some still think that is on the table (sooner than later). However, in this moment (and that’s all any of us really have)… I am so excited and so grateful to be here in every unfolding second. Thank you for all your loving emails, internet posts and letters…. and, most important, for all your prayers.”

Love and Huge Gratitude, Bears