CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Can we believe it?
It’s 2022 and this is the 80th year celebration of our lives.
Scroll through the photographs and our thoughts below.
Love, Bears and Samahria
That means that during 2022, each of us reach our 80th birthdays. The reason we ask ourselves – can we even believe it? – is because of our continued super-energetic, super-involved, and super-committed life experience. We work full time (and more,) doing our best to teach and help as many people as we can (in programs and individual sessions), as we have done for 40+ years at the Option Institute / Autism Treatment Center of America. And almost a decade prior to the creation of our International Learning and Training Center.
We are absolutely as passionate, purposeful, committed, and in love with what we do as ever! We are beyond grateful and honored to continue this work with all of you… with your sincere studentship and friendship, with your delight in learning and growing yourself and with your caring support of the Institute’s very existence.
Enjoy the first installment of this deliriously sweet, fun and meaningful photographic summary of our lives. Stay tuned… more to come!
Love, Bears and Samahria