Imagine you had all different sizes of metaphorical scissors. You can chop with big, broad strokes. Or you can just carefully clip here and clip there.

You have more on your plate than you can successfully complete or do or even want to do. Great intentions gone wild! No problem here. Now it’s time to trim, really, really eliminate – just like your brain systematically forgets as a method to reduce the clutter and make room for what’s useful for you to remember.

If you remembered everything you’ve ever thought, felt and done, your mind would be overwhelmed with more information than you could possibly digest or process. Elimination is healthy (I know you’ve heard that before, especially with bodily functions). Think: elimination is healthy in absolutely every area of your life.

So now let’s trim the to-do list. This will leave more room for you to effectively do what you MOST want to do. Okay, here we go. Think of FIVE things you don’t really want to do (attend a social event, clean out a closet, shop for a new toaster) that you put on your chore agenda anyway…and pick the one that seems like it would be the easiest to cut loose.

I know you might be thinking – “Oh, I need to do them all.” Really? Do what we would call possibility-thinking. Anything and everything is possible!!! “But I can’t just cut something loose…just like that.” Actually, you can. Relax. Reconsider. You’re in charge. We start with something small – something doable! You can do this. It’s like building a muscle – you start with a lower weight barbell and then you increase the weight.

Just pick one item (I know you have one item that you really don’t want to do and the world won’t implode if you eliminate it from your list). Go ahead. Cut it loose and let it fly away like space junk orbiting around your planet. Visualize it speeding through space away from you. Are you doing it? Terrific! Now cut another chore or so-called “should” or “have to” loose. Did you do that? No? Okay, no worries – just re-focus in again and get that metaphorical scissor going. Did you do it this time? Yes!!! Well, hurrah for you. Okay, now you’re getting the hang of it. Clip, Clip! You’re just beginning. Practice on the small stuff. Next week, eliminate something else. Keep making room.

Each week get more daring. Don’t stop. Never stop. Clip, Clip, Chop, Chop! LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT — NOT THE LIFE SOMEONE ELSE SAYS YOU SHOULD LIVE.

~”Bears” Barry Neil Kaufman