Because we are attached to outcomes, many decisions seem to be emotionally weighty for us. Suppose I make the wrong move? Suppose I don’t get what I want? Suppose someone judges me?

According to the theory of curved space, if you could split an atom and send each half in the opposite direction from the other, one day (millions/billions/trillions of light years later), each half would end up in the same place. If you then traveled into space, given it is curved, you wouldn’t travel in a straight line but move along a curve. In the end, whether you turned left or right, you’d end up along the curve in the exact same place at some distant point.

So we can relax. It’s not about where we are going that matters (we’ll end up in the same place), but how we go there. Any choice is perfect because, whatever it may be, we have the freedom and ability to take our journey joyfully and with delight. No need to be hesitant. Left? Right? Let’s just make a decision and get going.

Okay, do I turn left or right, move forward or backward? The big deal is not whether we turn left or right but, actually, what gives us our life experience. Do we inspire ourselves? Do we jump in passionately? Give it our all? Go for the gold?

At the same time, we can always be willing to let go. To let go? Yes, that’s the power position: keeping going and not needing to get the things that we are going for in order to feel fulfilled and complete. And only letting go when we want to. Some of us give up our dreams before we birth them fully. That’s fearing failure and “pouting” in advance in case we don’t get what we want.

Sure, choose well. Sure, bring your comfort and contentment with you. You can hypothesize it’s all about which way you turn; however, remember the split atom in curved space (both parts, going in opposite directions, will eventually end up in the same place). It’s not about the destination; it’s about how you choose to travel. Where we are inside is never defined simply by our circumstances; it’s defined by our attitude and inner state of mind. Look around; whether you have money right now or a great relationship, or a typically functioning child, or personal health, what you do have is YOU. You get to decide how YOU are. Happy curved space!