It happens every year.  We make resolutions we can’t keep, then we judge ourselves because of our failures! There’s a much easier way to effect change in our lives.   Instead of creating a resolution for the entire year and doom ourselves to failure, set one intention each day. If we aren’t successful with our intention one day, we simply set the same, or another, intention the next day.  Forget your intention again?  No problem!  Start again the following day.  

Jumpstart your year by trying some of these happiness-inducing intentions.  Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be off and running with your own creations.

Take something you value (earrings, a favorite book, a jacket, a photograph), wrap it up as a gift and leave it for someone anonymously to express your gratitude to that person, without requiring anything in return. Notice, without judgment, how you feel each step of the way.  You have just given yourself a great gift!

Drop a judgment you hold about someone you love – then tell them about the judgment you dropped and why you dropped it.

Practice creating inner happiness every day.The very next time you DON’T get what you want, decide purposely to create happiness anyway. Show yourself that inner happiness is, indeed, a choice.

 When encountering the next stranger you meet (the bus driver, the waiter, the bank teller, the cashier), open your heart to really focus on them and love them – and then allow yourself to say something that would express your caring.

With someone you want to be closer to, share a secret you’ve been holding – being authentic brings people together.

The next time you want something, really want something, allow yourself to say a non-directive prayer in which you ask God and the universe to do its “thing” rather than grant you your wish – that would be an act of trusting the universe.  You’ll probably feel great after this one!

Find one “should” that has been guiding your life (that you don’t really agree with) and challenge it by asking yourself what you really want.  Then take action toward that want.  (Remember to come from a place of respect and love).

This New Year, decide to notice and acknowledge, even aloud, at least three blessings every day.  Blessings are experienced by those who notice them.  There are so many blessings: the air, your heartbeat, your ability to speak and be understood, the trees, the early morning sunshine, a child’s smile, food (big smiles and blessings here). Aren’t we blessed to even be able to consider all of the above?  Wow!  Being “wow’ed” is part of experiencing our blessings.