All fears come from beliefs, and all beliefs are chosen, even the ones that fuel fear. Why would anyone ever choose fear? Ah, to take care of themselves. And what underlies such an idea? If I am not afraid and I don’t give myself a certain amount of anxiety or tension, I will not be alert enough or careful enough or on the lookout for possible “bad” things that might happen to me.

The belief: Fear is useful and will protect me.

But what happens when we use fear?

1. We are not present, and therefore we’re impaired in our ability to take care of ourselves.

2. We damage ourselves physiologically. The “scared to death” sensation or chronic low-level fear compromises our immune systems, creates tension in our cardiovascular systems, and interferes with our metabolism of food.

3. Muddled thinking results when we are fearful. Our thoughts seem more like ping-pong balls bouncing around than sharp arrows moving swiftly toward their targets.

4. Anger – oh, yes, anger. Fearful people often do anger to appear strong while they are afraid. Problematically, that anger can easily become the fuel for aggression, violence and even war.


Study and learn to become fearless by replacing fearful-producing beliefs with fearless-producing beliefs. How do you do that?

A. Acknowledge you do fear rather than make believe you don’t.

B. Become a student of your fear by observing fears in action and writing down every instance of fear.

C. Write down the beliefs fueling the fears. For example, “I’m not good enough; something bad will happen; no one will like me or want me and I will be alone,” and then replace them with fearlessness producing beliefs. For example, “I am good enough; something wonderful will happen in my life today; and whether or not anyone likes me, I can still like me!”

If that sounds like too much work, you can continue your love affair with fear and have some or all of the consequences noted above. Your choice. Your move.

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