That’s you; that’s me. The data suggests certain illnesses can’t be reversed, that memory erodes as you age, that “addictions” are hard to break. Science, medicine, psychology, and sociology study what happens for most people and draw conclusions, often dismissing the exceptions.

For 40 years, we’ve been champions of exceptionality. Whatever you couldn’t do in the past says nothing about what you can achieve today or tomorrow. When autism experts said Raun or others (Jeffrey, or Simon, or Kyle or…) couldn’t fully recover from autism using The Son-Rise Program®, they were misinformed.

When some physicians said that Ellen couldn’t reverse the ongoing ravages of Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia by changing her attitude, they weren’t there to watch her climb a mountain after learning The Option Process®. 

When Helen came limping into the class, dragging her leg as a result of multiple sclerosis, then jogged to the bathroom on the last day of the program, these steps forward might not have been viewed as relevant by her doctors.

When Sid had his cancer operation and called his cancer “a gift,” none of his medical team could quite understand what he was talking about (or make sense of his exuberant attitude during a time of physical pain, and when his future was uncertain).

Exceptionality is not about certain cure or living versus dying. Exceptionality is going for your dream and daring to be the exception to the statistics. Statistics are about a generalized population of people or events – they mean nothing about what YOU CAN DO.