Blue…color of strength?


The sky?

The the world?

What was your very, very first thought when you read those first three words (Little Boy Blue)? Your very first thought! It’s beyond useful to pause and figure this out – it will tell you about the way you initially choose to frame your world. Every frame is just a combination of beliefs (constellation of beliefs) that coalesces into ATTITUDE. Frames are neither fixed nor forced on any one of us. We create our own frames. If you liked the one you had when you read those three words…cool! If you didn’t, cool, too – but then you have some work to do.

We speak of re-framing, and it means questioning and sometimes replacing beliefs that don’t serve us with beliefs that do. We’ve been helping folks do that for almost four decades. It’s not only possible but also can be thrilling. How do you start? You can start right now with LITTLE BOY BLUE. Beliefs are our best friends; we just need to grow more effective on at making them serve us rather than working against us.