“What does this photo of my honey (Samahria) have to do with relationships and the holidays? EVERYTHING!
1) Riding our beloved black BMW R 69S (a classic) was our way to be close, and feel the road, and be part of the landscape and the sky, mile after mile…through quiet country routes, over steep mountain passes, and across deep lush-green valleys. She held her arms tightly around my waist…often sleeping as she leaned against my back but always alert as I would feel her hands tighten over bumps or around curves in the road.
2) Every journey we took was a celebration of being together…through the easy times, and the tough times, even when the path ahead seemed challenging and complex.
3) For us, every trip was a holiday, even going from our tiny apartment to a store downtown. We would save up pennies and nickels, dimes, and quarters, so that we could go out to a restaurant once every four to six weeks (I was writing a book at the time — a book that never was published). We’d hop on the bike and drive into Chinatown in Manhattan (NY) — then have a feast for about $4.00 which included soup and Chow Fun (ironic, isn’t it, that we loved a dish named Chow FUN). Those meals were like the best holiday celebration, and a reaffirmation of the two of us together. We never viewed them as lean times. They were ‘dreamy’ times.
4) Some of us wait for the ‘holiday’ to celebrate, to give gratitude, to give gifts. But, just imagine, if every day was truly a holiday to celebrate our lives, to express appreciation to everyone/anyone, to give the gift of items as well as ourselves in support of someone we choose to love (and remember, it takes just a second, one decision in one second, to choose to love someone — so, everyone, yes, everyone is a candidate).
“Ah…My honey, relationships, holidays, the open road (inside and outside)…and me.”
Love, Bears and Samahria