August 17, 2015

Bryn’s Story

Bryn’s Story
In her own words:

In some of my earliest memories, I recall the strangely unique behavior of my brother, Raun, and I remember hearing the diagnosis: Autism. As I watched my parents search for a way to help Raun, I saw firsthand how challenging it was to find a respectful and effective treatment program. For my parents, that program was never found and, as a result, they pioneered a new way of working with children. As a child, I participated in the very first Son-Rise Program® and marveled at my brother’s full recovery – an experience which has had profound impact on my life. I knew then that I would dedicate my life to helping children with special needs.

After spending years working in various teaching environments (schools, group homes, assisted-living environments, case management centers) it became clear to me that there was not a single modality I could find that rivaled the effectiveness and loving care of The Son-Rise Program®. Consequently, in 1990, I returned to the Autism Treatment Center of America® and The Option Institute® to devote myself to this work.


Today, you would not know she was the same child! She attends a mainstream school, she has friends, she performs in the school talent show and participates on different teams. She is funny, tender, warm and spends her weekends volunteering at a local stable for rescued horses. She is fully involved with us in every way. If I had never told them, the school teachers would have no idea she was ever autistic.


The Son-Rise Program® gave me back my brother. Now, The Son-Rise Program® has given me back my daughter.

Mine is just one of the countless stories of families who have seen their children blossom using this program. I am just one of the many grateful mothers who have used this treatment to transform their child’s life. Now, as the Director of The Son-Rise Program® at the Autism Treatment Center of America®, I have had the privilege of working with thousands of parents as they support, help and heal their children.