“What exactly does that mean? How could something that’s empty have energy? Because even empty space still has time and gravity — and within it, the pregnancy of matter is not yet defined or manifested.

“Are you confused? Is the man writing these words confused? Let’s make believe no one is confused. Start with believing we can understand what we don’t understand even though it doesn’t matter that we understand what we don’t understand because, in the end, understanding is NOT a requirement of happiness and love. Happiness and love are about CHOICE. Back to empty space. Even if you can’t see it, feel it, touch it…something is there. You and I both know that. But how can something be there that none of us can see or even explain?

“Try this on — the benevolent universe…or God. Try this on — choosing to be happy without requiring reasons to be happy. (Yes, yes, I know we have so many reasons to be unhappy but we don’t require reasons — actually, imagine we just choose, then makeup reasons to justify our choices).

“Am I writing in riddles? Nope. Let’s just play with expanding how we think and what we think with playfulness. THE ENERGY OF EMPTY SPACE is the room created by an expanding universe in which you and I can create new possibilities for ourselves and a deeper level of expressed love and kindness toward ourselves and everyone around us. Ahhh…so cool — that empty space!!”

Love, Bears (Barry Neil Kaufman), Co-Founder of the Option Institute
and Author of Happiness Is A Choice