“From the viewpoint of Newtonian physics (which gave us the Industrial Revolution, the combustion engine, and the like), all of this seems like the talk of a madman.

“From the viewpoint of Quantum physics (or quantum mechanics — which gave us lasers, microwaves, nuclear fusion), it all makes perfect sense…it can even be measured (measuring all that emptiness or ‘nothing’ as some might exclaim). Ironically, to say SOMETHING IS nothing already assigns meaning and/or value…so, bingo, NOTHING BECOMES SOMETHING (just talking about it brings it to life). Just stay with me another second or so…to the ‘point.’ Okay…what the point? THE POINT!

“The point-of-view…what one person deems impossible is another person’s achievement. What one person believes is incurable, another person cures. What one person says ‘can’t be done,’ another person actually does. Which person are you? It doesn’t matter what you said or didn’t say yesterday, what you did or didn’t do yesterday. It’s today, right now…and you get to choose, in the ‘now,’ which person you are! It can’t be done or it can be done?
“My view…if you can dream it, then through the gift of human ingenuity and a benevolent universe, one day it can be done…maybe even by you or me! Actually, why not – by you, by me, by some other inspired critter just like ourselves?”
“Bears” Barry Neil Kaufman, Co-Founder of the Option Institute and Author of Happiness Is A Choice