August 17, 2015

Adult programs

Your Personal Summit

Training programs at The Option Institute® are available on an a la carte basis or as part of an overall training curriculum. Our a la carte programs provide immediate benefit helping you to overcome specific life challenges or target particular areas of personal growth. Our extended curricula offer comprehensive training regiments that help you achieve 1) mastery of yourself, 2) mastery of working with individuals, and 3) mastery of working with groups. From immediate results to long-term training, we have a can help you reach your personal summit.

Mastery of Yourself

The Mastery of Yourself curriculum provides you with the ability to be at ease and comfortable in any situation, the ability to make clear and insightful decisions that help you achieve what is most important to you, and the capacity to develop rich and authentic relationships. The summit of this curriculum, Wide Awake, is an amazingly dynamic and engaging program that challenges even the most experienced climber to achieve new heights of personal exploration and development.

Working with Individuals

The Option Process® Dialogue offers an unparalleled capacity to help individuals root out and clarify limiting beliefs that cause undesired emotions and behaviors. The Working with Individuals track leads to mastery of the Option Process® Dialogue. You’ll learn the attitudinal and methodological tools required to help facilitate profound and lasting changes in the lives of individuals while gaining access to a new profession where you determine your own success and work in an environment of your choice. The summit of this track is Mentor Certification.

Working with Groups

In the Working with Groups track you will become adept at using Option Process® teaching techniques to awaken the fire of ambition, the hidden brilliance and unlimited potential of the people around you. Whether you’re at home with family or at the office with colleagues, the Working with Groups track will help you to become a more powerful, innovative and effective facilitator and leader. The summit of this track is Group Facilitation Training.


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