August 17, 2015

Option Process Dialogue®

Private Sessions

The Greek Philosopher, Socrates, used probing questions to challenge his students to discover their own answers. The Option Process® Dialogue builds on his legacy by utilizing a highly respectful and effective system of questions asked with a nonjudgmental and nondirective attitude. Working with a skilled counselor, participants uncover and eliminate self-defeating beliefs and attitudes that have fueled discomfort, distress, and self-limiting behaviors and, in this way, learn to increase their sense of purpose, happiness, and personal power. Dialogues are available for individuals and for couples.


There are 3 ways to experience Private Dialogue Sessions

  1. Come to The Option Institute® for an individual private dialogue session or a series of sessions
    You can schedule a single session or we’ll help you create an individualized schedule of sessions that meets your personal requirements. Typically, such a program can be a single day or 2 to 4 days in length, with 2 to 6 hours daily spent in private sessions. These programs can also be scheduled for couples, family members, co-workers, or other participating in a continuing relationship
  2. Telephone: Individual and Packages
    Focus on challenges you’ve been facing or changes you’ve wanted to make. Experience these life-changing dialogue/consultation phone sessions in the intimacy and comfort of your own home or office. You can schedule an individual session or a package. Packages of 4 or more sessions are offered at a 10% reduction.
    There are no package discounts for Dialogues with Bears or Samahria.
  3. Schedule one or more private sessions during attendance at one of our group programs
    We highly recommend these sessions as a way to enhance your learning and personalize the benefits of your program experience

“I just finished doing a dialogue and, as so often happens, I felt a sense of gratitude towards you and the great work that you and the Institute have done sharing The Option Process® with the world. I often think of you and Samahria with deep gratitude. This time I am glad to actually express it to you. Thank you, thank you!! My whole life has been change tremendously because of your work.”
Isis Maria Cohen, Life-Coach & Healer, New York

“The Option Process® Dialogue has enabled me to access and change the many belief systems that held me in a state of unhappiness and unwellness. I am so deeply grateful for the pioneering and developing of such a simple and yet profoundly powerful process.”
Dawn Halbert, Facilitator/Therapist, Australia

“Dialogues are amazing opportunities. They are tools that can be used to take you out of the darkness and into the light.”
Catherine Jaffe, Nurse, Massachusetts

“I looked for the best professional development and leadership training in the world and I found it in The Option Process® Dialogue at The Option Institute. The process and the Institute are outstanding and far beyond what I thought was possible.”

– Leif Ogard, Management Consultant, Sweden

“This is the first time I have been given a practical down to earth method, through the Option Process® Dialogue, to get what I’ve always wanted, a fully present, highly functioning, centered and genuinely happy me. I strongly believe there is no greater gift you can give yourself, than the gift of an Option Institute® experience.”

– Rosanne Nelson, Realtor, Connecticut


To find out how to benefit from these sessions: call one of our program advisor at (413) 229-2100 of (800) 714-2779 or email us.