August 17, 2015

Professional Certification

Professional Training & Certification
Become an Option Process® Mentor

certDo you dream of a career helping people to fulfill their dreams? As a helping professional or teacher would you like to experience the exhilaration and delight of helping clients or students become clear, confident and empowered in ways you’ve never experienced before? As a manager, would like to help your employees work with greater ease, clarity and comfort while achieving new levels of productivity and job satisfaction?

As a certified Option Process® Mentor you’ll experience a sense of joy, reward and personal fulfillment that few careers can match while making a lasting difference in the lives of people around you. You’ll gain mastery of The Option Process® Dialogue, a proven, acclaimed technique that offers an unparalleled capacity to help individuals uncover and clarify limiting beliefs that cause undesired emotions and behaviors. You’ll acquire extraordinary skills and insights that will expand who you are and widen your impact in the world. Best of all, you’ll establish a new frame of reference by which you view yourself and the world around — the ability to help others will become invaluable in helping yourself.

What should you expect?

The Certification Program is a four-week, non-stop, deep plunge into The Option Process® Dialogue and into the depth that you are as an individual. You’ll eat, drink, breath and even dream The Option Process® Dialogue.
During the program you’ll experience:

  • Daylong and evening sessions, frequently mentoring two or more times per day
  • Expert instruction from Option Institute® Co-Founders Barry (Bears) Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman, along with our world-class teaching team at The Option Institute®
  • A senior staff advocate and coach to help you stay motivated and empowered
  • A highly skilled peer group dedicated to challenge and support you at every turn
  • Private accommodations including all meals and laundry services
  • A large group of motivated volunteers for daily mentoring practice

2What Will You Learn?

In Mentor Certification you’ll learn how to:

  • Employ a highly respectful and effective system of questions specifically designed to transform discomfort, distress and self-limiting behaviors into clarity, serenity and self-empowerment
  • Master and maintain an accepting, nonjudgmental and nondirective attitude that establishes an ideal context for others to understand, explore and change feelings, behaviors and beliefs
  • Remain relaxed, poised and comfortable regardless of the attitudes and challenges a client might bring to the table
  • Help clients, colleagues and friends uncover and change their beliefs, and in doing so, change the way they act and feel

What Can You Do After Certification?

As a certified Option Process® Mentor, you can:

  • Help others using the same process and philosophy that has helped thousands to transform their lives
  • Enhance your career with a wealth of new tools and skills

Many helping professionals, teachers, managers and consultants have taken their careers to new levels with the skills and attitudinal techniques acquired in Mentor Certification. Professional areas enhanced by the Option Process® Dialogue include:

AdvocacyCounseling with Juvenile & Adult OffendersMergers & Acquisitions
Aging / GerontologyCrisis InterventionNursing
Assessment and TestingExecutive CoachingPsychiatric Nursing
Athletic CoachingFamily AbusePersonal Coaching
Bereavement CounselingGuidance CounselingPhysician
Career CounselingHealth CounselingPsychology
Case ManagementHospice CarePsychotherapy
Child AbuseLife CoachingPhysician
Children & AdolescentsManaged CareSchool Counseling
Community & Agency CounselingManagement/AdminSocial Work
Conflict ResolutionMarriage & Family CounselingSpecial Needs
Corporate IntegrationMediationSubstance Abuse Counseling
Counseling Gay Men and LesbiansMedical ProfessionalsUnion Representatives

Now is the Time!

Mentor certification is limited to qualified applicants only. Prerequisite courses include:
Advanced PowerDialogues

Additionally, applicants must complete four weeks from any of the following programs:
Inner Strength (2 weeks)
Empower Yourself
Radical Authenticity
Optimal Self-Trust
Calm Amid Chaos