We don’t live on a daily basis in California, Colorado, Montana, Switzerland, Thailand, Ecuador, France, Canada, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Scotland, Norway, Colombia, The Netherlands or other places we have made our home. How long does it take to make a location your home? It’s as quick as the thought: “I AM HOME” and then – YOU ARE HOME. How does this actually work, practically? Ah… that’s the rub. Home, in the end, is not a location – it’s a feeling inside, it’s a sacred space inside that you create and occupy.

Therefore, “home” is portable… it goes where you go. And if you decide a particular location doesn’t suit you, that’s cool, too. HOME IS, IN THE END, A BELIEF AND FEELING ABOUT A SAFE AND COMFORTABLE PLACE INSIDE.

For years, we’ve been teaching folks about “home” and happiness and love – as imperfectly as we might do it (we throw ourselves at doing it the best we can).

Everyone has a home… you just have to acknowledge your power of creation and take ownership of that home. And if you don’t like the home you’ve made inside thus far, it’s time to discard it and begin anew. But this time, begin with happiness, love, and kindness. Really, sit down, close your eyes, and start construction.”

Welcome home. Love, “Bears” Barry Neil Kaufman & Samahria Lyte Kaufman

[Photo notation: We have stood at this location in Marian County overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco countless times. Each time, I set up a tripod and take our photo – I run into the picture and Samahria often does something playful as she does here. We adore this mountainside and the vista beyond. And of all the photos we have taken at this location, this one is our favorite.]